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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Surprise, surprise?

Some people are just full of surprises. You never know what someone is going to get upset about until it happens. It's really surprising when a person is upset by something that would make most people glad.

Not every casino uses the large craps tables most people encounter. Some casinos use a smaller table called a "tub." A tub is usually run by one or two dealers instead of the four used by a larger table. However, the smaller size of the table limits the number of players that can give their money to the casino.

The tub that I dealt on had 8 seats around it for 8 players and players had to be seated to play. The number of players was limited to allow a single dealer to maintain control of the game. Some people seemed to think this limit didn't apply to them though.

One afternoon I had a full table and everyone was betting rather heavy. No large dollar bets, just lots and lots of small to medium sized bets. In the middle of a particularly good roll a gentleman steps up to the table and attempts to buy in. I politely informed him that, due to the size of the table, he had to be seated to play. Without a pause he turned to a nearby slot machine, grabbed a chair, pushed two current players out of his way, and sat down.

At the very second his butt hit the mis-appropriated chair I knew this guy would take a little work before he got the clue. Without pausing the dice in the least I informed him that the table was full and he would be unable to play until a position opened up for him. He apparently failed to hear me as he proceeded to dig a handful of bills and change out of his pocket.

As I moved the dice to the shooter for the next roll the gentleman placed his money on the Pass Line and stated "Money plays." Anticipating this move I quickly called "No bet" as the dice tumbled through the air.

As Murphy's Casino Law dictates a 7 rolled, causing everyone to lose their bets. Everyone except the guy that required an engraved stone slab falling on him to get the hint. As I picked up all the chips I passed over his money without a glance.

Most people would take this as good thing. He did not. This guy actually asked me why I didn't take his money, and required a supervisor to be called over to explain the situation to him. He actually complained about NOT losing his money.

Maybe next time he should just mail his money in and save everyone a few headaches.


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