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Monday, October 02, 2006

Know when to walk away, know when to run.

Kenny Rogers had it right in his song. The biggest money maker for casinos is the tendency of people to give back their winnings. And then some. Casinos don't intentionally make winners stay till they lose, it's just a matter of the human condition to want more.

The fact that all casino games are designed for the player to lose over time escapes most players. If a game was meant to give the players a tremendous edge and pay them lots of money, it wouldn't be on the casino floor. Even if someone manages to win a hefty amount, the longer they keep playing the more they will give back.

Intellegent gamblers will know when to get up from the table with their chips and head to the cage. However, the other 99% keep playing, waiting for lightning to strike again.

Once they have lost all their profit these gamblers proceed to pull out more money in an attempt to get back what they just gave up. The most impatient of these complain how they can never win, despite having doubled their money just minutes ago.

There is an old saying that nobody really leaves a casino a winner. No matter how much one wins they have either lost more than that amount on previous visits, or give back that much more on later visits.


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