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Sunday, August 27, 2006


This is hopefully the only double update I will do, but this story is too important to leave till Wednesday. If you want to read a regular post, feel free to scroll down.

I was made aware of this upcoming move by Steve Wynn. It is something that should make every dealer in every casino in the country mad, or at least nervous.

I'll wait a minute while you read the article......


Done yet? Ok, I'll wait another minute........

My biggest concern about the idea is obviously the tip money earned by dealers being taken from them. The three lowest paid jobs in a casino are generally the cocktail waitresses, the bartenders, and the dealers. Casinos tend to pay those employees little because of the amount of tips they earn.

My second biggest concern about the whole idea is the fact that supervisors would now have a vested interest in the amount tips dropped by dealers. It is something that could effect their decisions should a problem or mistake arise.

There are a number of incentives that can be given to supervisors that would make the position attractive without taking hard-earned money from dealers. Things like annual bonuses, extra holidays, stock options, or other bonuses.

I ask all you hard working readers out there to contact Steve Wynn and impress on him how truly moronic his idea is.


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