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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Road to Ruin?

Now I'm sure that many of the people that enter a casino and sit down to play table games have perfectly average IQ's. However, something seems to significantly lower that IQ once they pass through those doors and get a view of all the potential winnings (obvious losses) they can rack up.

The exact cause of this could be one of many things. A minor hypnotic effect from all the neon and flashing lights. The electro-magnetic field from all the slot machines interfering with the proper firing of neurons in the brain. Mass infusions of alchohol. Who's to know what the exact cause may be.

I don't mean that every person that enters a casino experiences a diminishing of brain cells. Just the vast majority of people do. From those that think they have come up with the perfect strategy to win every time to those who are entering a casino for the first time and think that everything should be handed over to them for just showing up.

With casinos all over the country people like these can be found anywhere. Just as each part of the country has it's own flavor and personality, so do the unique (moronic) people that decide to become casino patrons. I witnessed a woman being unique in a way that is special to the state I work in now.

The state legalized gambling and earmarked the taxes casinos pay for schools. Apparently this woman thought the little casino I work for should be able to tell the state legislature how to better spend their money. After entering the casino, without playing a single cent in a machine or on a table, she demanded to see a manager. When the Casino Shift Manager approached her she began to yell at him about the condition of the roads.

Apparently her husband was a truck driver and it was her opinion that the roads here were some of the worst in the country. Somehow the idea wormed into her head (musta been lonely there) that berating a single casino manager would get the government types to reconsider and begin fixing all the roads for her husband.

After talking at the manager for a number of minutes it finally became obvious to her that she wasn't going to accomplish anything. So, as she storms out the door, she turns on the little change light on each machine she passes by.

I'm not what her goal was, but turning on those lights certainly didn't make her appear any brighter.

Maybe there's hope yet, last week the state announced that it would be improving the condition of the roads.


Blogger JC said...

Maybe your manager has a secret tie to the government and this silly lady somehow knew about it and decided she couldn't keep it a secret any longer. Maybe your manager is a CIA operative and this when this woman turned on all the change lights she was somehow telling him that his family would be in terminal danger unless he did something about the roads. WEIRD.

8/24/2006 10:23 PM  

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