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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Casino Secret Techique

There are many conspiracy theories in this world. The fake moon landing. The Kennedy assassination. The Illuminati Society. Quentin Tarrantino movies.

Some theories are just too strange for even the supermarket tabloids. And most of those seem to relate to casino operations. One such theory was mentioned to me on the craps table by a very intellegent (stinking drunk) individual.

It was this gentleman's heartfelt belief that all craps games were rigged and technology was used to make the dice land on whatever number the casino wanted. While the result is commonly believed, it's the technique that he mentioned that was truly unique.

According to this learned individual (complete moron) the dice contained small microchips that could alter the result of a roll at the whim of casino management. The reason all craps tables have mirrors on them is so a laser beam signal can be reflected to the microchips in the dice instructing them how to land.

Apparently he had some inside source to get all this information. After explaining the method casinos used to cheat on craps (while playing the game) he insisted that Geraldo had discovered the secret and the gaming industry was paying billions of dollars a year to keep the story out of the mainstream media.

Gee, I hope the CIA doesn't start beaming signals into my brain for publishing this.


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