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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Saw the Sign

After several years in the casino business I have noticed a couple of signs that, maybe, I have been doing this a little too long.

One definite sign is observing the way casino games are shown on TV and in movies. Another sign is the tendency to add number sequences up automatically. I don't know how many times I've looked at my power bill and mentally said "21, dealer wins." It's looking at the phone bill and busting every time that gets annoying.

The biggest sign of extended time spent working under all the regulations casinos have in place is the tendency to clear my hands without thinking about it. Just imagine the looks at the drive-through window when you hand over the money, then clear your hand as you pull it back into the car.

The absolute worst is when I cleared my hand at the most inappropriate time. My wedding. That's right, when I handed the pastor the ring, I cleared my hand afterward. My dad, being a supervisor in a casino, noticed it and started laughing. My mom, being someone who has never worked for a casino, had to ask what was so funny.

My biggest fear is that I will get a job in the executive field some day and periodically shuffle my business cards for no reason.


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