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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Criminal Intelligence?

A few years ago a book was published called Breaking Vegas that documented the actions of a team of card counters from MIT that took Las Vegas for millions of dollars. Casinos have changed their procedures and awareness of card counters since. Apparently some people have read the book and decided they could do it as well as a group of genius MIT students.

There were a couple of gentlemen that walked into the casino and made themselves at home. One sat down at a table and started playing in a manner to avoid being noticed. The other gentleman started casually strolling around, carefully eyeing each table he passed by. They were doing their best to not be noticed. However, they were as subtle as a ton of bricks. Red Flag #1.

After some time a pit boss noticed what was happening and decided to take a preemptive strike. A security guard stepped up to one of the guys and asked him for his ID. He replied that he had been carded already and shouldn't be required to show it again. Red Flag #2.

Now the pit boss stepped in and informed him that he was being backed off blackjack. He could play any other game he wanted. Craps, roulette, any poker style game was allowed. Just no more blackjack. When the guy asked why, the pit boss replied with the one comment we all itch to use. "Because I can."

While all this is going on gentleman number two has been pulled aside to the security booth and asked a few questions. One was whether or not he knew the guy being talked to at the tables. Obviously he said no. Despite the fact they had walked in together, he said he hadn't seen the other guy before. Red Flag #3 (possibly).

After some more discussion both gentlemen decide to leave. Upon exiting the doors one turns left and one turns right, each heading the opposite direction of the other. Only to meet each other at the same car and drive off. Red Flag #3 (most definitely).


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