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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Brains in a Bottle, part 2

With the repeating role drinking plays in gambling I felt no guilt about using it as a repeating theme for my posts.

Some people think they get better with more alcohol. Others just become a lot less aware of their surroundings. They miss simple signs and (less than) subtle clues that something may not be as it should be.

One such individual was playing blackjack with a few (hundred) under his belt. While his play style was close to what most people might consider normal, his fine motor skills were rather lacking. His chips were piled more than stacked. If it weren't for the straw allowing him to reach down to his drink he probably would have been wearing more than he was drinking.

The major sign of his lack of awareness came when the dealer shuffled her six deck shoe. Mr. Genius decided to play a little roulette. He strolled (staggered) the distance between the blackjack table and the roulette table. The roulette table that was right next to the blackjack table he was currently playing on.

Mr. Genius then placed a $5 chip on Red and patiently for the ball to be spun. He didn't notice a couple things about the table however. Things like cover was on the wheel. The lid was over the chips and had been secured and locked. There was no dealer at the table. There was nobody within five feet of the table but him. The table had been closed for nearly an hour.

Yet there he stood, patiently waiting for something to happen. Until a pit boss took pity on him and stepped over to inform him the table was closed. About then the blackjack dealer finished shuffling her cards so Mr. Genius went (barely) back to his game and continued playing.


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