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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Casino Guarantee

The main draw of casinos is the idea that a person will make a lot of money with very little effort. If casinos were in the business of actually giving away money, would there be so many of them? Now, don't get me wrong. Many people win some hefty jackpots in casinos. Most progressive jackpots grow with the losses of other players though. So in that case the casino is acting more like a redistribution center than actually giving the money away.

For some reason a percentage of casino customers (99% to be exact) think that the casino owes them personally. I don't know how many times a day I hear that someone is "due" or "overdue" for a big payoff. A casino is not a library or other lending institution. Things are not "due" to happen. You can't collect on an "overdue" bet payoff.

Basically, if you have lost ten straight hands of blackjack, you are NOT due to win the next hand. If the last four spins on roulette have landed on red numbers, black is NOT due to hit the next spin. Just because the dice have been passed around the craps table twice without a single front line winner, it does NOT mean that the table is overdue for a winner.

If you have been losing consistently for a considerable length of time, just GET UP. You can always return another day when your luck could be better. You might not win on the second day either, but at least you'll have gas money/cab fare.

There is only one guarantee I can give you regarding casinos. I guarantee the casino won't take any more money than you give them.


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