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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Maintained Stupidity

I don't mind a lack of intelligence or knowledge when encountering something new. It's when someone insists on refusing to learn despite my repeated attempts to show them the same thing over and over (and over and over and over..........).

Sometimes this is caused by attempting to enhance brain cells with alcohol. An attempt that fails far too often. However, given the number of people that make the attempt, you'd think there are public service announcements touting the method.

Late one night a group of guys came into the casino after visiting a few bars around town. One of the group had never played craps before and the others decided to educate him. It seemed like a good idea if one doesn't consider that the majority could barely spell craps, much less play it.

The Booze Crew stepped up to the empty craps tub and bought in. With each throwing down a $20 bill, that didn't take long. As play started one guy bet a simple "C and E." The bet lost that roll. Two rolls later Rookie Boy asks, "What is a 'C and E?'"

I politely answer "It's a one-roll bet on Craps and Eleven" without missing a beat or blinking an eye.

The dice continued to roll without much excitement. The monotonous pattern of roll, call number, pay a bet or 2, slide the dice, roll..... continued for a time. The only break was the total stop of all action to take care of the cocktail waitress.

It would have been a typical game if not for the fact that every comeout roll someone would bet a "C and E," and, two rolls later, Rookie Boy would ask what the bet was. This lead to him asking the question more than five times in the ten minutes they were on my table before I went to break.

When I walked back into the pit after my break I (very happily) saw that the entire Booze Crew have moved to a blackjack table with a simple side bet. I did pity the blackjack dealer each time someone hit that side bet and I overheard Rookie Boy ask, "How does this bet work?"


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