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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Caino Shorts

Not everything that happens during a shift is worthy of a full blog post so here are a few highlights.

  • In less than 5 hands a player cleared a blackjack table by doing everything wrong and winning. Once he had the table to himself, started playing "by the book." That's when he started losing.
  • A player hadn't visited the casino in some time. After talking to her about some of the changes that had occurred, she asked me what happened to the Roulette table. While we were standing next to the Roulette table.
  • A player sat down at Three Card Poker and started playing. After a few hands the dealer stated that she had a flush. The player asked how that could be since she only had three cards. When the dealer told him that it was Three Card Poker, and only three cards were needed to make the flush he looked a little surprised. "Oh, I've thrown three or four of those away."
  • A dealer spinning the ball on Roulette lost his grip and accidentally toss the ball out of the wheel. The ball bounced off of a metal cup holder, skipped off the back of a chair, and landed in the jacket pocket of a lady sitting at the next table.
  • Near the end of a long, busy shift I was aware that another dealer was overdue for a break as a crew of fresh dealers entered the pit. Since I was the only other person able to deal the game that the tired dealer was on, I volunteered to relieve him. I cleared my hands and proceeded towards the other table. Without realizing there was no dealer behind me to take over my table.

Honestly, I could have sworn there was another dealer to cover my table so I could relieve the other dealer. Fortunately the pit boss was quick on her toes and stepped up to the table before anyone could take advantage of the open chip tray.


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