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Thursday, December 07, 2006


It seems that more people are taking offense at the simplest of things these days. A gentleman (for lack of a better word) recently demonstrated his extreme sensitivity.

Mr. Sensitive was the only person playing on one side of the craps table. That's why it seemed so odd to the dealer on that side when a Pass Line bet appeared some distance away from him. Last time I checked Casper the Friendly Ghost didn't play much craps. The dealer reached near the bet to ask whom it belonged to. At this Mr. Sensitive started getting upset. Apparently he believed she had jinxed him with her gesture. This led to him becoming rather pissed off. He started calling the dealer names and using language I won't repeat in case kids are in the same building as the reader of this blog.

Mr Sensitive was promptly escorted from the building after being allowed to pick up his $5 and cash out.

However things didn't end there. Less than an hour later the phone in the pit rang. When he had arrived home Mr. Sensitive called the casino and started threatening anyone that would hold a phone to their ear. He even went so far as to call the casino racist because we threw someone of his skin color out. He even threatened to call his lawyer and sue the casino. I never did find out what exactly he was gonna get damages for, since he left with all his money.

If I wasn't so sure that Mr Sensitive already had enough toxins in his system to kill a small country I'd suggest he have a drink or two and relax.