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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Job Skills part 1

I've been working in the same job in the casino industry for over 7 years now. I'm starting to get a little burned out. It happens sometimes. It does mean that I'm pounding the pavement, in the search for another job.

Unfortunately it appears that most employers don't realize the kind of skills a capable table games dealer can bring. So this doesn't become too much of a whiny rant, I'll divide the list of skills into multiple postings.

The first skill I'll talk about would be ideal for any customer service company. That is being able to think on your feet when faced with irate customers. When you have 6-7 very intoxicated people losing vast amounts of money directly in front of you, you learn to think fast.

Or at least you learn the right comments to use. Most often the best way to head off an irate customer is to shock them. After losing 15 (or less) hands straight, the most common reaction is to slap the table and call the dealer a son-of-a-bitch. Without missing a beat I usually look the person directly in the eye and reply with, "Oh, you've met my mother then." No offense intended Mom.

This usually stuns the player enough that their rage passes before they know what to do next. By the time their alcohol laden minds sort things out, the next hand is dealt and they have forgotten about why they were pissed in the first place.

The only difference between doing this in a customer service call center and a casino is the fact you are on a phone, and the caller is usually a little bit more on the sober side.


Anonymous Livia said...

You write very well.

11/11/2008 11:13 PM  

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