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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Holidays? What Holidays?

The holiday season is over now. Costumes can be put back in the closet. Turkeys can relax for another year. Holiday gift wrap and large candle holders can be slipped back into the attic. Cheap plastic champagne glasses and head wear now fills the trash cans all over the world.

Despite all this the life of casino employees rolls on like a feather-light roulette ball in a wheel spinning a little too fast. Employees are allowed to violate the dress code to a small degree with themed hats and (maybe) socks.

The most noticeable thing about the coming of the holidays (besides the change in music coming out of the PA system) is the increase in the number of players. Family members visit from out of town. People that wouldn't normally visit a casino get the urge to see all the flashing lights before the year is out. And don't forget all that free (and very cheap) champagne handed out for the brief pause in gaming to salute the arrival of Baby New Year.

Now all the decorations are gone. The fake poinsettias are stored away for 11 more months. A few stray balloons will float down from the ceiling in the next week or so. Any paperwork dated with '06 must be redone.

Other than that, not much changes in casino life as the holidays come and go.


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