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Monday, January 15, 2007

Job Skills part 2

The next job skill that dealers have is one that would come in handy in any retail job. It is the ability to handle and calculate money changes quickly.

Anyone able to quickly calculate the blackjack payoff for an odd amount like $17.50 ($27.25) should be more than able to figure the change for a $20 if the total bill is $16.86 ($3.14).

High-end retailers that handle much larger dollar amounts would find dealers capable as well. Large dollar amounts are nothing to someone who has handled large buy-ins consistently. Counting out large amounts of bills are a breeze after doing 5 straight $500 buy-ins of $20 bills ("because that's all the ATM machine gives out").

On the salesperson side, dealers are just as able. Dealers are constantly "selling" the game they are on. Allowing the impression that the players have a chance of winning despite the fact the game is designed to make the casino money. Whether it be extra software for a new PC, accessories for a new outfit, or extra supplies for a craft or home improvement project, it would take no effort at all to talk a retail customer into possibly pick up more than they had originally intended.


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