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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Modern Goldilocks

After a few months of downtime I found myself a new profession. I work the night audit shift of a local hotel. The late shift provides me with ample time to handle balancing the day's paperwork and doing a whole lot of nothing.

It also gives me a new perspective on people that casino work didn't. Like the number of people that can make real stupid mistakes without the aid of alchohol for one. But I won't talk about one of them today.

Today's post is about someone that knows how the 3 bears must have felt upon discovering the sleeping form of their home invader.

I was at the front desk when a guest came storming up and complained of "a chick in my bed when I got into my room." The reek of too much beer leading him by a good three feet. It looked like he wanted to leave and get his money back, but he never actually asked for it. Just requested "some compensation" for the invader's presence.

With nothing but questions in my head I quickly confirmed his name and room number, then went to see who or what had gotten into his room. I knocked on the door and it was opened by a 2nd gentleman that said he belonged in the room, so I told him of the person at the front desk complaing about the "chick in his bed."

We walked back to the front desk and asked the two gentlemen if they knew each other. They were rooming together. The "chick" was the 2nd guest's brother.

I'm sure the complainer would have felt more embarassed had his blood-alchohol level been lower. He did apologize, with almost as many 4 letter words as he used when angry, for his behavior.


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