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Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!

We have all survived another rollover of the calendar without the Earth exploding. Take that Y2K (+7).

As with all monumental occasions there are some people that enjoy a little bubbly to commemorate the birth of another year. Then there are those who enjoy a little (way) too much bubbly.

I encountered one gentlemen who didn't have a clue when to say when. He was a a little drowsy when he entered the restroom near the bar/party central. There he proceeded to pass out while sitting on the toilet. A couple of hours later he was discovered by a co-worker when he needed to use the facilities.

The co-worker and I knocked on the drunk's stall door a number of times before getting a response. A less than desirable response. He proceeded to inform us of the contents of his last few drinks by displaying them on the floor. It made for a rather colorful pattern on the stone tiles.

After much talking (and poking and prodding to wake him) I managed to get some information out of our pickled guest. He told me his room number. It was something along the lines of 8675309. Not a number anything like the ones outside our rooms. So I pressed his few remaining brain cells for the name the room was registered to. "Jordan" was about all I could understand from his response. Unfortunately there was no "Jordan" registered to any of the rooms.

So I (less than) subtly followed him as he took a wrong turn down the hallway to the closed pool area and attempted to dial his cell phone and walk at the same time. This was too much for him. He flopped against a wall, found his phone again, and talked to someone at last. He finally managed to make his way to the correct room, I hope, and spent the rest of the night in alcohol inspired slumber.

I really hope the hangover he received keeps him a little more sober through the coming year.

EPILOUGE: It appears that the bed wasn't comfortable for my drunken friend. After I left around 4am he drifted into the stairwell at the end of the hall on the third floor, removed and neatly folded his clothes, and proceeded to fall asleep under the window.

He was discovered by the Sales Manager when she left her room in the morning.


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